Shadow Ops Online

Who is Shadow Ops?

Shadow Ops is a secretive online guild with membership which spans the globe and across various Internet gaming activities. 

Shadow Ops was born in August of 2001 and was originally formed as an organisation with its home in the Rimor (RK2) dimension on Rubi-Ka, Anarchy Online - an ancient cyberpunk science-fiction MMORPG that continues to this very day.

Since then, Shadow Ops has spread its wings into various other online presences including Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, Eve Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mechwarrior Online, The Secret World, Age of Conan, Minecraft, Natural Selection to name a few.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you play, you can be certain that a Shadow Ops specialist is nearby, observing, taking notes and assisting outcomes.

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