Shadow Opsthe special forces unit of Omni-Pol, is looking for fresh blood to aid in the continuing struggle to protect Omni-Tek and it's subsidiaries.

Started in August of 2001, Shadow Ops has been a permanent fixture of the Rimor dimension and the Rubi-Ka landscape... an implacable bulwark in the face of all that threatens The Corporation. We have raided everything from Mercenaries to Dust Brigade. From the backyards of Rome to the twisting paths of Pandemonium, our members have been everywhere. Along with our sister PvP-centric org, Shadow Legacy, Ops has been instrumental in keeping The Clans at bay and keeping the notum flowing toward Omni at PvP tower wars.

Shadow Ops has always been an organization devoted to choice. Whether you prefer hunting the wildlife of Rubi-Ka or hitting clans where it hurts ("...in the side-XP"), we have a place for you!

Not only are we one of the oldest orgs, one of the most experienced orgs and one of the friendliest orgs - we are actually a family... and we even have our own in-game T-shirt! Although Anarchy Online is at the core of our org, the Shadow Ops family extends to other corners of the Internet in various games. Wherever you find yourself on the Internet, there is an Opper brother or sister nearby, watching, from the shadows.

What we have to offer you:
  • A QL 300 city in beautiful Montroyal.
  • An endless well of information, both from our members and our private org customized bots, cloud servers and tools.
  • fully-featured website with a knowledge-base librarymedia downloads, history, forums and ventrilo/teamspeak/aospeak.
  • A friendly and fun atmosphere kept alive by a large active membership.
  • Part of the Coalition of Anarchy Alliance (5+ Orgs in chat to PvP and PvM with!)
  • Org meetings every week to give everyone a say in how we do things.
  • Froob friendly.
  • Some of the most experienced tradeskillers, PVPers, twinkers and lore/researchers in Rubi-Ka. (We changed tower warfare forever, we discovered and documented the Shadowlands Xan alphabet, We originally built budabot.)
  • Active 24x7 membership. Whilst our most active membership is in EU/UK and USA, we also pride ourselves on having an ever-growing active AU/NZ/APAC contingent (Asia-Pacific Timezone).
  • English-speaking chat, but people from all around the world, most likely speak your language.
  • Membership in many games outside of Anarchy Online, and from all around the world and in many different languages.
  • A sister PVP/twink org for all your pew pew / tower needs and training.
  • Several tower fields of all levels.
What we expect:
  • We usually maintain a tax regime of 50k to pay for our cities, member benefits and competitions, but it has been wavered as part of our current recruitment drive.
  • A main character of at least level 100.
  • Defense of our own fields is required and attacking/defending to assist Omni at tower wars is encouraged, but not demanded.
  • Profanity or rudeness are strictly prohibited.
  • Most importantly of all... that you have fun and enjoy yourself!

If you feel that Shadow Ops is the right organization for you feel free to contact our president Drluva, our recruitment officers Citizensnips, Choko or Mastura or post an application in our guest forum.


The earliest known reference to Shadow Ops has been rather fortunately captured by the Internet Wayback Machine at Archive.org. The earliest post on record is dated 14th August, 2001. You can see the historical archive of the original forums, member roster and mission statement there.

We are still trying to rebuild all the history and the entire presidents list, including any structure changes that the organisation has undergone over the years.


 YearName Details 
 2002 LittletzaPresident - 2002-12-21 to 2005-03-30
 2003 LittletzaPresident 
 2004Tacky315  Temp President - 2004-05-10 to 2004-09-02
 2005Littletza President 
 2005Drluva President - Sworn in 2005-07-04 to 2015-04-06
 2015MasturaPresident - Sworn in 2015-04-06 to Now