How do I join Shadow Ops?

 Well, I'm glad you asked!

 Just follow these simple steps and if you have what it takes, you will be launched on secret undercover operations to save Rubi-Ka from the  relentless clans in no time.
  1. Visit the our forums page and read the recruitment forums. This will give you a brief understanding of what our core values are, what we expect from you, what you can expect from us, and the general rules of membership. If you are still interested, then proceed to the next step.
  2. Have a good think about what you will bring to the org and what you want in return for your membership. Then go to our recruitment page and fill in the simple questionnaire.
  3. Once you filled in the questionnaire, you will be contacted by one of our recruitment officers. They will have read your application questionnaire and brief you on what steps you need to take next. It may take a few days for someone to get around to you - don't despair. Patience is one of the many skills fostered and developed within our very secret and prestigious organization.
  4. If a few days have elapsed and you have still not received any word, go to our Recruitment page and find out who our current recruitment officers are, and attempt to contact them in-game. Remember to be polite.
  5. As part of the recruitment officer contacting you, he or she will instruct you on the next steps, depending on your application, previous game history and experience.
 All members are given a thorough background check, as is necessary when you are an operative of an elite undercover Omni-Tek unit, and only the  best of the best will be accepted into our ranks. If you do not agree with these terms, then do not apply.

 The recruitment officer will usually arrange to have one further meeting with you, and one or more members of our organization, at a previously  undisclosed location and time. This final interview will usually present a significant challenge to the applicant and the process is regarded as one of  our most inner secrets, so come prepared for the unprepared.

 Finally, if your application was successful, and depending on the instructions provided by the recruitment officer (which supersede these), you may  be contacted by your chosen sponsor to continue your journey within the ranks of a Shadow Ops operative.

 If your application was unsuccessful, we are sorry but Shadow Ops is not for everybody. Do not mention our name to anybody nor attempt to make  contact with us again. We will have a record of you and should our or your situation change, and as needs arise, we may come to you again in the  future.

 Shadow Ops
 No-one shall follow in the shadow of our footsteps.