The following are some useful data banks gathered tirelessly over generations that may be of use to Shadow Ops staff and recruits (greens).

Although this information is available to the general population of Rubi-Ka, we operate in a strict need-to-know basis, and that is why we make make this information available to you, because you need to know.

Newbie Zone
    Everything else you wanted to help you get started.

    Various other guides and research.
  1. Shadowlands General Perks Guide
  2. Alien Invasion Perks Guide
  3. Lost Eden Research Guide
  4. Alien Armour Guide
  5. Best NCU and Belt Component Platform Quality Levels
  6. Best Carbonum Armour Quality Levels
  7. Best Nova Dillon Armor Levels
  8. Buff Items
  9. Froob Twinking
  10. Twinking TL1
  11. Twinking TL2
  12. Twinking TL3
  13. Twinking TL4
  14. Twinking TL5
  15. Twinking TL6
  16. End-game
  17. The Mystery of ErgoXan CoHBeast
  18. Ongoing Research