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Best Quality Level for Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material

To help prevent overflowing our backpacks, banks and inventory with useless Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Bio-Materials, the following chart can be used to determine the optimum quality levels of bio-mats to retain, and which to delete or use as shop-fodder.

There are overlapping requirements when determining what the ideal QL of bio-mat is, which is essentially the character level requirement to train Alien Technology Expertise perk tiers but also the character level requirements in terms of title levels. The ATE requirements override the title level requirements, as without being able to train the ATE perk at all, one will not be able to equip the AI armour altogether.

Another important factor that one may consider when determining which bio-mats to keep, is what the theoretical maximum ability requirements that one may obtain in order to equip said equipment. For example, a character of level 152 can technically use ATE3 title level 5 armour (assuming the character has already done Uncle Bazzit's quest) which has a maximum QL of 270, but would the character realistically be able to achieve the required 901 in primary abilities to equip it?

But whilst the armour QLs with the lowest requirements for that title level would be the most easiest to equip, bear in mind that:
  • The buyer or user wants the most bang for buck, and every QL higher the armour is means better bonuses.
  • Perk ability bonuses + commonly available/trade-able twink items will determine what an 'acceptable level of effort' required to equip the item, for 80% of people. Also bear in mind that certain abilities (agility or intelligence) will be easier or more accessible to twinking at certain title levels. 

Alien Technology Expertise 1 (Level 15 character requirement)

Quality LevelTitle  LevelCharacter Level ReqDescription
1115 Absolute Minimum QL
30115Maximum QL @ TL1
75215Maximum QL @ ATE1

Alien Technology Expertise 2 (Level 75 character requirement)

Quality LevelTitle  LevelCharacter Level ReqDescription
90275Maximum QL @ TL2
150375Maximum QL @ TL3
2104100Maximum QL @ TL4
2255150Maximum QL @ ATE2

Alien Technology Expertise 3 (Level 150 character requirement)

Quality LevelTitle  LevelCharacter Level ReqDescription
2705150Maximum QL @ TL5
3006190Absolute Maximum QL