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Best Nova Dillon Armor

Nova Dillon is a versatile and accessible armour that is easily obtainable.

Although they do not perform as well as actual armour, they do provide a small buff to all of your base abilities.

It's requirements are Agility and Sense so it is able to be buffed quite easily and from very early levels. You may have to hunt around a bit however to find the exact QL you want however, and the various QLs provide different benefits at the various QLs.

Nova Dillon armour is available in a total number of 7 pieces: Helmet, Breastplate, 2 x Arms, Gloves, Legs and Boots. At the time of this writing, there are still no Nova Dillon shoulder pads, bracers or otherwise available.

It is also important to note that there are actually two types of Dillon Armor: the regular Dillon Armour and the Nova Dillon Armour. The Dillon Armour provides increased bonuses to Piercing, Intelligence and Stamina, whilst the Nova Dillon Armour provides a decreased bonus but to all base abilities as well as Piercing. It is for this reason that the Nova Dillon is quite versatile.

The Dillon Armour variety are rumoured to not drop in any of the loot tables anymore, except for the Dillon Armor Boots, although they are still in the game database. The Dillon Armour Boots drop from boss-type mobs (dynas, mission bosses, etc) at least in Shadowlands. The Nova Dillons Armour can be found on any and drop from any boss-type mobs also (dynas, mission bosses, etc).

This article describes the Nova Dillon variety.

Bonuses in the following table reflect a complete set, as various pieces of armour provide different bonuses and is designed to highlight the best QLs due to stepping, where the lowest requirements can obtain maximum bonuses for that tier.

QL Abilities Bonus SEN Reqs AGI Reqs 
1 1 88
35 2 94 85 
101  3 261 236
167 4 428 386
200 4 511 461