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Best Carbonum Armour Quality Levels

Carbonum armour is a very versatile and easily tradeskilled armour available in between quality levels of 1 and 200.
The base material used to manufacture carbonum armour is called Sheet of Curved Carbonum Plating, and is easily purchased from any Rubi-Ka store at several of the booths:
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Components
  • Armour and Clothing Components
You may have to hunt around a bit however to find the exact QL you want however, and the various QLs provide different benefits at the various QLs.

Carbonum armour is available in a total number of 7 pieces: Helmet, Breastplate, 2 x Arms, Gloves, Legs and Boots. At the time of this writing, there are still no Carbonum shoulder pads, bracers or otherwise available.

The reason of the versatility of carbonum armour is that it provides both great ACs and an NCU bonus which is a core limiting factor in just how far you can twink. Computer Literacy, Treatment, Carbonum armour and Ring of Nucleus Basalis should therefore be the main focus and basis of the first round of any twinking session. 

Furthermore, Carbonum armour can also be improved upon again easily through the use of readily available Omnifier or Clanalizer, one per armour piece. Omni carbonum armour provides an additional bonus to health, whilst the Storm carbonum armour provides an additional bonus to nano resistance.

Bonuses in the following table reflect a complete set, as various pieces of armour provide different bonuses and is designed to highlight the best QLs due to stepping, where the lowest requirements can obtain maximum NCU for that tier.

QL NCU Bonus STA Reqs AGI Reqs 
1 7 11 8
16 14 54 43 
44  21 134 109
73 28 217 177
101 35 297 243
129 42 377 309
158 49 460 377
186 56 540 443
200 56 580 476