Useful Anarchy-Online Links
  1. Ao Universe - Guides and More
  2. AOitems - Great *NEW* Items DB thanks to Demoder <3
  3. Anarchy Mainframe - Old but still usefull
  4. Ao Arcanum - The first of its kind
  5. Auno - Anarchy Oline Resources
  6. Budabot - Anarchyonline bot system
  7. Shadow Ops Facebook Communty
  8. Anarchy Online RK2 Facebook Community
  9. Anarchy Online Facebook Community
  10. Demoder's Tools - Lots of useful tools for Anarchy Online
  11. Bitly bundle of loads of useful AO links
  12. Latest UNOFFICIAL Clicksaver
  13. Clicksaver FIX for Microsoft Windows 7 64bit
  14. Roster of People & Orgs in Anarchy Online (People of Rubi-Ka - otherwise known as PoRK)
  15. Maximum Tradeskills Requirements to craft *anything*
  16. AO Trickle Calculator
  17. Best AO map replacements for RK and SL
  18. Demoder's awesome external planetmap viewer
  19. Shadow Ops TeamSpeak 3 Server
  20. Legend of the Xan and where to get the immunity crystals
  21. New AO Prefs Folder Details #1
  22. New AO Prefs Folder Details #2
  23. Daily Experience/Shadowlands Knowledge Reward Table
  24. Quest XP/SK Rewards List
  25. Alien Experience Table
  26. DOJA Chip Rewards & Requirements
  27. Process and Requirements to make a Nano Crystal from an Instruction Disc
  28. Facebook Shadow Ops & Friends Group (easy to remember link)
  29. Anarchy Online Facebook Group (EVERYONE and NEWS!)
  30. AO Dictionary - Complete list of terms/acronyms/abbrevs
  31. Web-based Implant Laddering tool
  32. Web-based Treatment twinking tool
  33. Tool to automatically click on objects and auto-buy ammo
  34. Anarchy Online Forums over at
  35. Anarchy Online Tower Database (Actually, it's more of a Timer Database) 
  36. Unique Spawns compilation for various instances and zones
  37. The NEW (old) AO Mainframe
  38. Online Radio station for The Pain Dealers Omni org
  39. Interesting twist on the history of Anarchy Online courtesy of 4chan
  40. AOCon - The one and only AO conference I know of in the world!
Other Useful Links